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Physical Rehabilitation


Experience The Difference

At Cipriano Buckhead Chiropractic in Atlanta, GA, we are devoted to offering top-notch care for rehabilitating the spine and body. Our focus is on providing a unique and gentle pain-relieving experience by combining natural and holistic therapies in custom treatment programs.

Tailored Treatment Programs

We understand that every individual’s condition is distinct, and that’s why we create personalized treatment programs based on a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis. From the moment you step into our clinic until your last visit, you can rest assured that our “patient-centered” approach will prioritize your well-being and provide you with the best care possible.

Recovery And Restoration

Our approach begins with addressing inflamed and injured areas using natural therapies and chiropractic care. By reducing inflammation, we pave the way for effective healing. Our expert Chiropractor, a spinal rehabilitation specialist, then guides you through a tailored program to rebuild strength in weakened and injured areas, helping you regain overall health and vitality.

Empowering Patients

At Cipriano Buckhead Chiropractic, we take chiropractic and rehabilitative healthcare to the next level. Our expert Chiropractor, Dr. Joe Cipriano, designs exercises specifically for each patient’s needs, focusing on strengthening and correcting their unique health challenges. These exercises can be conveniently performed in the comfort of your home, making your recovery journey even more accessible and effective.

Long-Term Pain Management

Our commitment to your well-being extends beyond providing immediate relief. We specialize in giving our patients the best combination of natural and holistic therapies for a custom treatment program and a unique and gentle pain-relieving experience. From the first day of treatment to the last, you can rest easy and know you are receiving the best in our “patient-centered” healthcare facility. We aim to empower you with the tools and knowledge to manage your condition and maintain a healthy, pain-free lifestyle.


Experience The Difference!

At Cipriano Buckhead Chiropractic, we take great pride in offering exceptional care. Our focus on combining natural therapies, chiropractic care, and individualized exercises sets us apart, providing a holistic and transformative healthcare experience.

Don’t let pain hold you back any longer. Experience the difference at Cipriano Buckhead Chiropractic and take the first step towards a pain-free, revitalized life. Call us today to schedule your health evaluation and start your personalized treatment program.

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“Dr. Cipriano is the one I always turn to for back problems, because he knows just what to do to make me feel better, no matter how bad it is. I trust him completely. He is without a doubt the best chiropractor I have ever found, and his staff is wonderful!”

What People Say About Us.

I have come to Dr. Cipriano for at least 10 years. He is caring and checks in with his patients. The staff is efficient and friendly. I am always greeted in a professional manner. He is a kind, professional and addresses the needs of his patients. I went to him because I have vertigo and a herniated disc that he treated. I am very happy with the care. I recommend him to all my friends and family.

- Roopa B.

Dr. Cipriano is absolutely the best! I've been going to him for over 20 years and the service he provides has never faltered. Back pain, neck pain, calf muscle issues, arm & shoulder pain....he's fixed it all. I've recommended many people to him over the years and they've all been just as happy. If you want someone you can trust and someone who really cares, give him a call, seriously - you'll thank me!

- Victoria C.

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